Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mustang, Muscle Car, Matchbox, Mashed Slots, Marilyn

Road & Track Test Drives the 2015 Mustang GT

The 2015 Mustang is getting rave reviews from the automotive press, and now that it comes standard with independent rear suspension, I think that it'll get thumbs up from Top Gear should they test it on the show. Hammond always loved the Mustang but Clarkson always gave the impression that he wanted to love it but could never bring himself to praise a car with a solid axle.

Don't worry, the new generation Mustang hasn't been neutered as its 5 liter V8 puts out 435 hp and according to the reviewers, it has that pin you in your seat torque and acceleration. I loved the retro-look fouth generation Mustangs, but after 10 years it's time for a change. I was worried that Ford would redesign the Mustang to resemble a Nissan GTR but the lines are still very recognizably a Mustang.

Best of all, and I may upset some traditionalists with this, but I'm thrilled that the Mustang finally joined the 21st century and tossed the live axle rear for the IRS, making it a real road car instead of a straight line boulevard racer. I prefer handling more than top end and let's face it, there aren't a lot of places you can really open it up unless you rent some track time or move to Germany.

My Favorite Muscle Car – 1966 GTO

389, 360 hp, and lines that meant business. The Goat was scary fast, there was an adrenaline thrill driving a car that looked, drove, and sounded like it wanted to kill you

Matchbox Cars from the Lesney Era

I was a grade school kid when Matchbox cars were made in the UK by the original Lesney Company. I had quite a few of the models in this video, had I kept my original collection I might get enough for a down payment on a real car.

Slot Car Crashes

Slot cars no doubt seem pretty lame to today's kids with all the high powered graphics of the video games around now, but let me tell you younguns, slots were a blood sport in my day. Having the right touch on a curve to fishtail your car to send your opponent flying off the platform took a deft touch on the pistol grip and nerves of steel.

Now get off my lawn!

Marilyn and a 1950 Pontiac