Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maybe That Tinfoil Car Isn't Such a Bad Idea

With the exposure in the UK Guardian this week that the American government though the NSA has been collecting data on every phone call in America and peaking at your emails and social media activities, the Tinfoil Cars I wrote of jokingly in the previous post aren't such a bad idea. You know the old saying; "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean no one's after you"

The Verizon scandal kind of gives a new meaning to their "Share Everything" plan

Then there's the PRISM revelations, with Silicon Valley handing over the content of every Youtube cat video and every comment you made on Facebook, along with all your Google searches. They even monitor Skype calls and can watch you when you're not Skyping.

As for watching you in your living room, would serve the sneaks right if all they see are 300 pound Walmart shoppers sitting in their underwear eating a bag of Cheetoh's while watching Duck Dynasty.

Since it's been revealed that Obama not only admired Marxist economics but also Marxist surveillance, it's getting to be like the Cold War Era Soviet Union here. So let's take a somewhat nostalgic look through this Top Gear episode of the cars available to the Proletariat and the Glorious Workers of the old Soviet Union.

Needless to say, the years long wait for one of the Glorious Workers to get himself behind the wheel of an ostensibly new Lada wasn't exactly the thrill a kid out of law school gets when he buys his first Audi A6

Time Magazine once featured The Worst 50 Cars of All Time. I believe that they exempted the Russian cars since they would have filled the entire list and possibly even bumped out the Mustang II and the Yugo

We can laugh now, but at least the KGB had to follow you personally since the Lada didn't have GPS tracking and black box technology