Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jeremy Clarkson to Yanks: Keep Piers Morgan, Thank You

 Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson must be enjoying the news that Americans have discovered what the British have known for a long time, the fact that Piers Morgan is a blowhard, self-important elitist with a dislike of the US Constitution, and a total asshole.

A petition to have Piers Morgan deported back to the UK has gone viral and has gathered 65,000 signatures as of Boxing Day. While Jezza may be having a big cup of schadenfreude at Morgan's expense, he would prefer to punish America by keeping Piers Morgan from being sent back to England like he was a bad Christmas gift;

From Jezza's twitter;

Americans. Was the second amendment not introduced to protect you from the tyranny of the British? Piers Morgan in other words.
perhaps we should start a petition to keep Piers Morgan in America!
Americans. It took us 40 years to get rid of Piers Morgan. Pleasse don't send him back. 

I completely understand, Mr Clarkson. How about we throw him in Boston Harbor and call it even? Perhaps we can compromise and send him halfway back, like to the Titanic wreck site?

Clarkson and Morgan have been publicly feuding for years, to the point where Clarkson publicly decked Morgan twice.

The insults have been traded back and forth with regularity, with Clarkson possessing a talent for insults as brilliant as his friend Simon Cowell's. Take for instance this dig while test driving the BMW 1M Coupe on Top Gear;

" Just when you'd think it couldn't get any better, you can push a button and the whole car shimmies. It's like a little shiver of excitement, the kind of feeling you would get if someone suddenly gave you permission to set fire to Piers Morgan."

And these from Clarkson's tweets;

Piers Morgan says I couldn't go on his CNN show because staff there have never heard of me. Another reason is: I'd rather eat my own head.

Actually, the only people who hate Piers Morgan are those who've met him.

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