Friday, October 12, 2012

Top Gear Translation Guide for Yanks

American fans of Britain's Top Gear may find some expressions and terms puzzling and baffling. It's well to keep in mind that we Americans do not speak English according to the British, we speak American.

Here is a translation guide;

Boot: Trunk
Bonnet: Hood
Hood: Convertible Top
Windscreen: Windshield
Lamps: Lights
Rev Counter: Tachometer
Satnav: GPS
Wings: Fenders
Indicators: Turn Signals
Estate: Station Wagon
Saloon: Sedan
Pub: Bar
Motorway: Freeway, Turnpike, Parkway, Interstate
Carriageway: Lanes
Roundabout: Circle of Hell
Carriage: Train Car
Caravan: Towed Camper
Cock: Ostentatious Jerk or Overpaid Dick in Midlife Crisis
Presenter: TV Show Host

Now, off you go mates!

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