Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Muscle in the Land Down Under

Down under in Oz, they love their muscle cars as much as we Yanks do, and I wish they could be sold here because they are cool Mad Max kind of machines. They always struck me as what American cars would look like on a parallel world, or some would say even the Bizarro World

They're built by the Australian subsidiaries of Detroit's Big 3, the Holden badge is GM's division. Ford and Chrysler kept their same names.

Nowadays, the Aussie cars have the same European derived designs that you see all over the world, so they're no different from their American cousins now other than right hand drive.

Actually, the muscle cars being sold by GM lately have been developed by the Aussies. The Pontiac GTO of 2004 to 2008, the G6's and G8's were all rebadged Holdens, and the fifth generation Camaro was designed by Holden and based on the Commodore platform

If you would like to add an Aussie Muscle car pic in comments, feel free to do so

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