Friday, August 31, 2012

1943 Schwimmwagen: Hitler's Crossover SUV

A commenter on another blog tipped me to this site about this vehicle, a 1943 "Schwimmwagen", an amphibious military vehicle built on the VW platform.

This looks like a great offroader even today. Note the folding propeller in the rear and the oar mounted on the side in case the Wehrmacht quartermasters shorted you on the petrol. In front of the oar they thoughtfully mounted a shovel for quick burial of whomever they dispatched with the gun mounted in front of the passenger door.

This was on sale for $150,000 but I would imagine that it was sold long ago while the inevitable "Hitler finds out his SUV was sold on Craigslist" video has duly been produced.

I would love to use the Schwimmwagen as a chase vehicle for that smug asshole balloonist in the Subaru commercial, especially with that side mounted gun.

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